Stuff 4 Multiples' Twingaroo acknowledged as a "Hip Healthy" Product by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute!

For Immediate Release: March 9, 2017

Contact: Julixa Newman,


Stuff 4 Multiples, a full-service manufacturer of innovative carriers, jewelry products, journals and more, designed specifically for parents with twins or multiples, this week received a prestigious hip-healthy acknowledgement for their ergonomic award-winning product, the Twingaroo Tandem Carrier, by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).

In addition to the recognition of their product, Twingaroo, the first all-in-one twin baby double carrier and diaper combination product on the market, the IHDI also acknowledged Stuff 4 Multiples as a company that has developed products that consider the important of healthy hip development during infancy.

“As a company born from a passion for helping parents of multiples to manage the tasks and challenges associated with raising twins and multiples, we are incredibly honored to have received recognition by the IHDI for our commitment to the health of both the babies and the parents,” said Julixa Newman, Founder and Owner of Stuff 4 Multiples. “We look forward to designing and developing more original products that further the comfort and health of parents with multiples around the world.”

The Twingaroo Carrier introduced a novel style and design that freed up the shoulders and also introduced an ergonomic design that is praised by baby wearers worldwide today. With the carrier, parents can now leave the diaper bag at home, providing more versatility and functionality. The carriers are presently available in black, blue, and khaki and rainbow. In addition, you can also purchase a Twingaroo conversion strap kit and wear the Twingaroo carrier as two individual carriers!

The IHDI is a not-for-profit effort to improve the health and quality of life of those afflicted with hip dysplasia. The organization joins with partners around the world to promote prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hip dysplasia. One active way for them to go about this is by granting recognition to companies, like Stuff 4 Multiples, that make a commitment to ergonomic and stress-free product designs.

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