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10 Boredom Buster Activities to Blow Away Your Multiples' Winter Blues

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10 Boredom Buster Activities to Blow Away Your Multiples' Winter Blues

Keeping your little ones indoors because of the harsh weather can be brutal. Not just for them but especially for you. They are most likely bouncing off the walls, going crazy trying to find ways to occupy themselves and following you around singing the mantra “I’m booorrrreeedd!” You may be going out of your mind trying to keep them entertained as well as trying to keep the house in some sort of order. The winter can be a hard time. Even if you do decided to venture out, you’ll find yourself asking if it was worth it. Between putting on all their winter gear and hoping you don’t lose a hat or a glove, you may be wishing you stayed in. Here are some fun and awesomely entertaining indoor activities to get you through these winter blues:

  1. Pizza Making. Gathering the kiddos to help make their own lunch. This lovely activity can occupy them for enough time to clear up the kitchen counters, finish a phone call and put a load of laundry in. Use the already premade dough, lay out the pizza sauce and toppings and tell them to get to work. You will be surprised at their pizza masterpieces and you won’t have to worry about what to feed them for lunch. They also tend to eat more of what they put together themselves.
  2. Bath Tub Painting. I am all about contained messes or easy to clean up ones. Doing bath tub painting is a perfect activity for that. Kids love to get messy and they are already in the tub to clean them up. All you need is a muffin tray, white shaving cream, food coloring and paint brushes. Put them in a tub and watch their inner Picasso come out. When they are done, just hose everything down – including your kids.
  3. Indoor scavenger hunt. Make a checklist of things to find around the house. This will keep them occupied for an hour – especially if you tell them you are rewarding them with a prize after completing the list. To make it a bit harder, play it using the alphabet. Each kid must find something around the house that starts with each letter in the alphabet – you will be thankful for the letter “X”.
  4. Blue Tape Activities. Blue tape is not just for household painting. There are so many other activities you can do with it. Have them tape a car track around the house, tape shapes on the floor or build a web with it in the hallway. The activities are endless and you don’t have to worry about it ruining your walls or floors.
  5. Tub Fishing. Isn’t the bathtub amazing? There are so many different play activities to do with it. Turn on the water, throw some of those plastic magnetic letters in and attach a magnet to a long string with a stick. Occupies them for hours!
  6. Food Painting. All you need for this is milk or sweet evaporated milk and put it in a muffin pan adding food coloring to each cup. You can paint all sorts of food such popcorn or marshmallows. Then you can eat it all up!
  7. Fort Building. This is a classic and one that many of us did when we were growing up. Want to make it even more awesome? Get some PVC pipes and connectors, old bed sheets, some rope and large clips and watch your children come up with amazing forts. These materials are so much easier to work with than the couch cushions we were all use to.
  8. Drive in movie (indoors). If you have some boxes lying around this is some great use for it. Have the kids decorate their own box like a car and line them up in front of the TV. Kids will love the novelty of sitting in their very own “car” with a cup of popcorn watching their favorite movie.
  9. Indoor snowball fight. Your kids are begging for a snowball fight outside but it’s just too cold! Bring the snowball fight inside with large white pompoms. Kids will love throwing it at each other and not having the work of individually packing each snow ball themselves.
  10. Toothpick and marshmallow structures. Give your kids a bunch of small marshmallows and some toothpicks then watch their inner architect bring buildings to life. This is endless fun and helps bring out their creativity and imagination.

Jessica Trotter is a mother to fraternal twin two year old boys and has a daughter who just turned one year old. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and family where she is a writer and an avid DIY-er and Pinterest pinner. Not only is she an active member in her local Moms of Multiples club but is also the founder of Crafty Mommies of Oakland County. When she is not trying to be supermom, you can find her relaxing with a good book and a spoon of Nutella or working on her blog!


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