2018's Top Selling Items For Twins


Registering for your soon to arrive twins or triplets can be very overwhelming. What exactly will you need? Do you need two of everything or can you get by with just one? These are the questions that everyone asks themselves. Here at Stuff 4 Multiples our goal is to make things a tad bit easier for you. These are the best selling items of the year.

Twin highchair best seller

Twin Highchair

This highchair is bound to last years. The legs are adjustable and when the twins are bigger they can use it as a craft table.

buy baby carrier for two

Twingaroo Tandem Carrier

Winner of several awards and featured on news outlets worldwide, the Twingaroo tandem carrier is a must have when you're on the go with twins (or two little ones).

baby tracking book for twins

Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Baby Journal

This journal has been described as a lifesaver. It's a two month journal that allows you to keep track of feedings, diaper changes, growth and much more.


Twin Z Nursing Pillow

The only tandem nursing pillow on the market that offers back support for momma! Purchase it early enough and it doubles as a pregnancy sleeping pillow.