​4 Things I Learned About Myself After Having Twins

4 Things I Learned About Myself After Having Twins

I don’t need sleep - I always knew once motherhood began sleep would be a luxury of the past. And ever since my twin boys were born in 2014, I can honestly say I have not slept a solid 2 hours since. The newborn stage was plain torture, my husband and I would be up throughout the night every 1.5 hours or so with feedings/burpings for our preemie twins. Today we joke that we have now seen every episode of Dr. Phil because his show is on literally all night long. Although sleep is a necessity, when you’re a mom of twins you realize, really fast, that you really don’t need that much of it to survive.

I am brave - Have you ever ventured to Target or your favorite retail store with an infant or a toddler? Well when you have twins sometimes you have no choice but to take them both with you! It’s scary, stressful and can be embarrassing when one or both of your babies start to throw a tantrum or cry uncontrollably. I can’t tell you how many times I up and left Target with a basket full of goodies just left behind on some random aisle. But as a twin mom, that’s the risk you take. You gotta be brave and just believe in yourself! And trust me when you complete a successful shopping trip alone with your twins, you’ll feel like you just climbed Mount Everest!

I need to ask for help - In the early stages of twin motherhood I hesitated a lot when even considering asking someone to help me with my twins. Aside from my mom, I have always had a really hard time asking others to jump in and help me. My twin boys are always so full of energy and are a handful around the clock, so the thought of asking someone else to help me take care of them for an hour or two always stressed me out. I just never thought it was fair of me to ask someone, or put them in that position of having to take care of two little ones simultaneously because trust me it’s a lot to handle! But what I have learned is that it is completely acceptable to ask a family member or a trustworthy friend to watch over your twins while you take a quick shower, an hour nap, or while you’re cleaning up the house and things like that. Of course as a twin mom I am capable of multitasking like no other and venturing off to doctor appointment and stores with my twins in tow is common practice for me nowadays, but if you have the option to ask someone to help you and make your life a tad easier for a few hours or so…do it! It’ll bring your stress level down and you’ll have more patience to keep up with your twins.

I will never be the same - Before I became a twin mom I prided myself on “having it all together.” My house was always clean, I was well put together from hair to outfit to fresh mani/pedi, I had loads of time to myself, I dined with friends often and I kicked butt at work. Once my twins were born, 75% of that “togetherness” went right out the window. Now every time people ask me, “What’s it like to have twins?” My response is always, “Survival mode!” I literally wake up everyday with the singular task of surviving the day, which consists of either staying home all day with my constantly energized twin boys, or waking up and moving through the day like a little tornado trying to get my boys dropped off at my parents house with bags of supplies (clothes, toys, snacks, medicines, etc.) they might need throughout the day and rushing off to get to work on time and then rushing back home after 8 hours to swoop up my twins and get them home to cuddle and snuggle for an hour or two before we all go pass out for the night. And instead of having my daily Starbucks I used to have, being a twin mom only guarantees me a few daily toddler tantrums and at least one crying episode a day in my car or in the shower when I am completely overwhelmed. That girl who had it altogether is a distant memory I only recognize when Facebook memories pop up on my timeline! But you know what..I wouldn’t have it any other way! Twins are a blessing, times two! 

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