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Blog- Raising Twins and Multiples

Out Smarted By Twins!

These parents have been outsmarted by their twin toddlers! HA!via GIPHY

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Thoughts Every Potty Training Parent Has

Thoughts Every Potty Training Parent HasAs parents there is one thing that is unavoidable. Yes, you guessed it- potty training. Potty training a child will make anyone just about lose it. Sure, you've heard of those children that “get it” within days. Unfortunately your child is not one of them. You probably bought the instructional [...]

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What Is An APGAR Score?

What is an APGAR score and what does it all mean?

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What Is Twin Speak?

What is Twin Speak?I was at my twins' 18 month old checkup when our pediatrician recommended that I take one of them to be evaluated for speech delay. I had noticed that he didn’t speak as many words as his brother, but in my effort to not always try to compare them (as all twin [...]

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Why Twiniversity Is The Only Twin Class You'll Ever Need

Why Twiniversity Is The Only Twin Class You'll Ever NeedBeing the nosy person that I am, I decided to barge in on a Twiniversity class in New York City. Why, you ask? The customer service line at Stuff 4 Multiples gets asked all of the time if this class is worth it; and to be [...]

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Our Founder Julixa Newman: CNN's Woman of the Week!

Our very own Julixa Newman was named CNN's Woman of the Week!     

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Helpful Tips for Your Teething Multiples

Helpful Tips for Your Teething MultiplesFew moms would ever claim that teething is their favorite stage of child rearing but when that is multiplied by two teething littles at once, the difficulties for mama are significantly increased. It begins, of course, the same, you start to see the signs, the never ending strands of [...]

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Top 10 Sleeping Tips for Multiples

Top 10 Sleep Tips for Multiples1. With multiples it is important to get them on the same schedule right from the start. Wake your babies at the same time each morning to get them on the same routine. This is the key to developing a healthy sleep pattern and giving you some well-deserved rest. Put [...]

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11 Tips To Help You Get Through The NICU

11 TIPS TO GET YOU THROUGH THE NICUWhile I was pregnant with my boy/girl twins I knew there was a good chance they would spend at least some amount of time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). What I didn’t know was that when my twins made their debut via emergency C-section at 31 [...]

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