Four Great Tips For Traveling With Twin Toddlers

Four Great Tips For Traveling With Twin Toddlers

It’s that time of year where we’re traveling left and right to visit out of town family for the holidays. Whether it’s thirty minutes up the road or five hours in the car, toddlers can sit in the car for so long before a meltdown occurs. Multiply this by two and sometimes three and it can quickly become a very stressful experience.

Here are four tips to help make the car ride smooth with little ones in toe.

1.Travel in comfort rather than style

Purchased a special holiday outfit for your little ones to wear to see the grandparents? Let the kids, especially those that are confined to a car seat wear something comfortable like a onesie or sweat pants to wear while in the car. Comfort is key, try avoiding big coats and things with lots of buttons and zippers while they're strapped in the car seat. Not only is it a safety hazard for small children to be strapped in while wearing a big coat, I imagine it’s pretty uncomfortable.

2. Keep Snacks On Hand

For us, the biggest help was keeping mess free snacks on hand. Not only does it keep them happy and entertained it can help by avoiding some “HANGRY” meltdowns in between stops. Try avoiding anything that may be a choking hazard. Some of our favorites include- bananas, applesauce pouches, granola bars and string cheese.

3. If Possible Travel During Scheduled Nap/Bedtimes

With four kids of my own including our four year old twins, we have found in the past that it makes traveling easier in the car if we hit the road during nap time. Get the twins in something comfy and a belly full of food and nine times out of ten they will fall right to sleep (for the first few hours at least LOL).. making your trip somewhat calm for a bit.

4. Keeping Your Toddlers on Schedule

Ahhh, it’s been a long day of travel with some tired and cranky kids. Once you’ve reached your destination try your hardest to keep your little ones on schedule. 

Keeping your schedule is key. Pardon yourself from family visits to head back to the hotel or excuse yourself to go upstairs somewhere quiet, but always make sure that you keep as close to your home schedule as possible. Not only does it help the kids staying consistent, but it helps when you get back home. In a different time zone? I used to wear a watch & kept it the same time it was back home in order to try and maintain that schedule. Early dinners or later lunches in the day is what we did.

Happy Holidays & we hope these tips help to make your trip smooth and stress free.

About the Author:

Sheila Guthrie has been happily married for 13 years to her husband Brian. Together they share 4 kids. Carson 12, Preston 8 and 4 yr old boy/girl twins Ella and Ellis. She resides in Slidell, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. She works from home doing freelance marketing jobs. In her free time she enjoys her role as PTA president, running and spending time with friends volunteering in her community.