How Multiple Pregnancies Are Unique

How Multiple Pregnancies Are Unique

Surprise! You’ve just found out you’re expecting twins or multiples! If you’ve had a single baby pregnancy or even if you haven’t, you will know that your pregnancy will be a little different. Expecting multiples can be an exciting and scary time but don’t panic. We’ve rounded up vital information you need to know about your unique pregnancy so you can prepare yourself for this exciting journey ahead:

More Attention

Being pregnant with multiples means that you will have an increased number of pre-natal visits with a specialist which means you have access to someone who can answer all your questions and regular visits to check them everything is going smoothly. You will also have more ultrasound scans so you can see your babies on the screen and listen to their heartbeats more often. And what expectant mother doesn’t want to see their babies come to life on the ultrasound screen?

More Visible

Thanks to obstetric ultrasound, multiples can be seen as early as six weeks into a pregnancy so you’re hoping to find out the sex of your babies, chances are you’ll know earlier than a single baby pregnancy.

Early Labour

Women carrying multiple babies tend to go into labour 2-3 weeks before they reach full term, which means you get to meet your babies sooner! Also, carrying multiples can be straining on the body and uncomfortable for you towards the end so arriving a little early isn’t too bad. As long as they don’t make an early appearance before your 36 week mark.

Make Room For Two

Your uterus will grow more quickly with a multiple pregnancy and expands beyond what it would normally do with one baby. For example, at week 28 of pregnancy, a mother expecting multiples will be around the same size as a mother expecting a single baby at their 40-week mark. So be sure to take care of your body, relax often and seek advice from the health professions around you.

They Keep On Moving

Having two babies withering around in your uterus will mean that you will feel a lot more movement than on a single baby pregnancy. They’ll be stretching, kicking, reaching out… Your belly may look like it’s made from jelly at times! As nice as it is to feel your babies moving around in there, you might want to calm them down at times such as when you’re trying to sleep. Playing soothing music or simply placing your hands on top of your belly can calm your babies to sleep.

All in all, make sure you are prepared and in the know about what to expect when expecting multiples! Talk to other moms, join our Facebook page to meet other parents of multiples, seek advice from medical practitioners and enjoy this magical time.

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