​No One Told Me Having Twins Would Be Like This!

No One Told Me Having Twins Would Be Like This!

There was no doubt that my wife and I wanted kids. We both taught elementary school for over ten years and were also foster parents for two years. After fostering and teaching we knew it was time to take that journey. My wife and I were very fortunate that what we wanted was given to us with only two attempts of IUI. We were aware of the possibility that we would have multiples with the help of Clomid. I knew that there was something special growing inside me before our first ultra sound. We were so excited because we knew we had gotten exactly what we wanted- two babies and on top of that, two boys.

So now they are fifteen months old and they are such big boys. I mean, they think they are big boys. I could write a book about all of the hilarious things that happen every second with these two. My wife and I sit and just watch them and say "No one told us this!” and "No one told us that!"

No one told us that they would do things for no reason to get kicks out of us. We had no idea that they would tag team us to drive us crazy. No one ever mentioned to us that the love that you have for two little people grows every second of every day.

No one told us that they would scream for no reason. They scream like it’s the end of the world. For the most part when we're out in restaurants, stores, friends’ homes and even at our home they play, talk and laugh; but sometimes, they sound like a swarm of Teridactyls playing and communicating with one another. They get even louder when we try to quiet them or if heaven forbid someone around us finds it amusing! They’re not upset. They're actually laughing and smiling the whole time as they look at one another. It's almost as if they are saying to each other "Hey buddy, it’s your turn". We honestly just chalk up their crazy screaming to them finding their voices and playing around with sounds that come out of their little bodies. Whatever the case- It. Is. Loud.

No one ever told us that these little 25 lb people would be so strong! I mean freakishly strong. They will fight you when you're trying to put clothes and shoes on, during diaper changes, while trying to buckle them in the car seats, and even when it's bed time! It's as if we are wrestling with alligators every day. I have had my glasses broken, my earrings pulled out of my ears, my shirt ripped and have even suffered a bloody nose! To top things off they've learned to help each other. When one twin is dressed the other will come and take the other's shoe off, only to run and hide it! Oh, but it doesn't stop there. While I'm searching for the lost item you can be certain that at least one of them will decide that wearing a shirt just isn't necessary! I go to put their shirt back on and the other has found his way into the diaper bag and has taken everything out. After this whole ordeal I realize that it's now nap time- so much for that trip to the store!

Even though all of these things sound a little crazy, no feeling in the world compares to the one you get when they look at you and smile, call you mommy, or hug and kiss you. Our world has been flipped upside down by our multiples. The love, appreciation and pure joy of having two little people that have your heart, and you have theirs, is so unexplainable. There are some crazy things that happen while raising twins, but I think that the craziest is realizing that although these little people cause a lot of chaos- you wouldn't have it any other way!

About Tasha

Tasha and her wife recently moved from Harlem to live in the South with their 15 month old fraternal twin boys. She is a former Early Childhood/ Kindergarten teacher and Division 1 basketball player. She loves being a SAHM, spending time with her family, vacationing in the mountains, drinking micro brews and going to the bathroom alone.