Preparing Older Siblings For Newborn Multiples

Preparing Your Children For Newborn Multiples

You're now expecting twins (or higher order multiples) and if you're anything like me, you're preparing for everything full force! You buy all the books, take all the classes, buy two of everything. But one major component when expecting more than one baby is when you have other children to help prepare for their arrival. Here are four ways to prepare the older siblings for the arrival of twins.

Share The News With Them First

Finding out the big news that you are expecting can be an exciting time as well as overwhelming. You immediately want to tell close friends and family, post on social media. But letting your children know first is key. Give them time to process and allow them to voice any questions or concerns they may have.

Involve Them In The Planning/Preparation

Getting the soon to be big brother or sisters prepared in their new role is key. Get them involved as much as possible, let them help to plan a baby shower, letting them come along during doctor's visits. Let them offer help when registering or even letting them have a say in designing the nursery will give them a little bit more ease at what they can expect. Some local hospitals even offer sibling preparation classes.

Let The Siblings Meet The Babies First

All the planning and preparation for the whole family finally pays off when those precious babies arrive! Letting the newly crowned big sister or brother bond with the babies one on one before other family members arrive is key. If they are old enough, teach them something they can help with at home, such as helping to swaddle the babies, or if you are bottle feeding let them take on a feeding from time to time. This is a great way for them to bond and start to grow that sibling relationship.

Be Sure To Make One On One Time

With all the hectic things that take place in the days, weeks, and months after the arrival of twins it is absolutely key to maintain and to make time to spend with the older siblings. As twin moms we know how much energy and attention newborn twins require and it's easy to get wrapped up in their routine. Letting big brothers and sister know they are still important is a must. Take a stroll around the block, go for a ice cream date. Or without even leaving the house you can put the babies down for bed and enjoy a movie night in (let them choose) do some baking and pop some corn and enjoy your time together.

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Sheila Guthrie has been happily married for 13 years to her husband Brian. Together they share 4 kids. Carson 12, Preston 8 and 4 yr old boy/girl twins Ella and Ellis. She resides in Slidell, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. She works from home doing freelance marketing jobs. In her free time she enjoys her role as PTA president, running and spending time with friends volunteering in her community.