Six Interesting Facts About Twins

Six Interesting Facts About Twins

Fascinated with twins? So are we, but did you know these ten interesting facts?

Twins Can Have Different Fathers

You heard that correctly! Although it is considered to be a very rare occurrence, It has been known to happen. In fact, about 1-2% of fraternal twins have different father! How? If a woman ovulates two eggs during the same cycle and has intercourse with two different men it is possible for one to inseminate one egg and the other to inseminate the second. This process is called heteropaternal superfecundation.

Identical Twins Do Not Have Identical Fingerprints

Although they come from the same egg and have identical “blueprints”, any forensic expert will confirm that identical twins will never have the same fingerprints!

Mirror Image Identical Twins Have Reverse Asymmetric Features.

Ever look at a set of identical twins and realize that although they are very similar, it seems that their features are on opposite sides? No, you're not imagining things. About 25% of identical twins develop facing each other, meaning they become exact reflections of one another. This is called “Mirror Twins” and it occurs when one fertilized egg splits after one week of conception.

Twin Talk Is A Real Thing

Many parents realize that when their twins start to speak although outsiders hear what they believe is gibberish, they seem to understand each other! In recent research, it was discovered that twins use each other as models when they develop language and an adult is absent. Twin Talk consists of onomatopoeic expressions and inverted words. This happens when two babies learn to speak a real language together and start communicating with each other. Twin Talk often disappears right after childhood, once they have both learned a real language.

Lefties Everywhere

Twins have a 25% more chance of being left handed! As opposed to singletons who have a 10% chance. The reasons for this have long been debated. Although there are many theories, such as cerebral symmetry, the reason has not been conclusively proven.

Nigeria Has The Highest Rate Of Twins In The World

Yorubas have the world’s highest twin birthrate and it is suspected that yam consumption may be the reason behind it! Eating yam increases the chances of having twins. The twin birth rate is particularly high in the Nigerian town called Igbo-Orain in Oyo state. The town which is about 142 km north of Lagos has been dubbed “the land of the twins”.

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