Twingaroo Carrier Nominated for a Cribsie New Arrival Award

Twingaroo Twin Baby Carrier Nominated for a Cribsie New Arrival Award

Stuff 4 Multiples is proud to announce the nomination of the Twingaroo twin baby carrier for the 2014 Cribsie New Arrival Award! The Cribsie Awards were founded in 2010 to recognize and promote the best new baby products and services in the baby industry, and are voted on by the Cribsie Academy. The Cribsie Academy is a panel of judges composed of celebrities, social media influencers, industry experts, editors and retailers of children's products; all highly respected leaders in their fields of expertise. The Cribsie Award is voted upon based on the following criteria: innovation, style/design, marketability and utility.

The Twingaroo twin baby carrier was released by Stuff 4 Multiples in 2014 after years of research and development. Stuff 4 Multiples listened to all the comments and critiques of past carrier products, and designed a supportive and ergonomic carrier that is both sturdy and simple to use. The Twingaroo is also the only tandem child carrier with an attached diaper bag. This unique carrier is the only one of its kind available, and is already selling on Stuff4Multiples, Amazon, and in several children's retailers in other countries. The beauty of this carrier (besides not needing to carry a diaper bag) is that when the front carrier is not in use, it rolls down into the front waistband so it's out of the way. In addition, the weight limit is 35 pounds per pouch, so you can use it for twins, or children of different ages.