Two Dads- No Breastmilk: The Quinn's Cookie Story

Two Dads- No Breastmilk: The Quinn's Cookie Story

I will never forget the day my husband I brought our newborn baby home from the hospital. I remember putting our baby Quinn down to bed in her beautifully decorated tiffany’s blue room. She had it all! A brand spanking new crib, changing table that was stocked with just about everything we thought we needed! Everything was just perfect. We were ready to be the best parents ever! Fast forward two days later and running on only two hours of sleep, drenched in vomit, dirty diapers and still trying to figure out how to properly swaddle our child without smothering her; I was positive I was the worst parent ever!

The second Quinn would wake up in the middle of the night I would fly out of bed and do anything I could do to sooth her. One thing I couldn’t do, unfortunately, was breastfeed our daughter. There are so many benefits my child was missing out on! I wouldn’t be able to give my child the antibodies to fight off viruses, lower cases of ear and respiratory infections or experience the bonding process that so many breastfeeding moms got to expereince. 

My sister in law was having the same problem; she wasn’t able to produce enough milk for her child. She was trying to build a surplus, so she could keep her child on breast milk but it just wasn't working. She had bought a lactation cookie in the store, but it was just about as much fun as changing a blown out diaper. It was like eating stale cardboard with a metallic after taste. Forcing herself to eat that was just unacceptable! 

As a former contestant on Master Chef Season 5, I never shy away from a kitchen challenge. My mission was to make a lactation cookie that was so good, dads wouldn’t stop eating them. My goal was to increase my sister in law's milk supply and also help one of our best friend’s milk production (She later donated some of her supply to us for Quinn). After weeks of work I had my first cookie ready! My friend and her husband were willing testers and after gaining a couple of pounds and perfecting the recipe, we knew we were ready to start selling. Within a few weeks my friend had increased her production enough to freeze a surplus for her son and my daughter! I knew I was truly on to something!

The word soon spread online and on all social media platforms! We were beyond amazed when we started getting so many requests for our soft, chewy lactation cookies from all over the country. People were calling us from New York to California! The test would be if they reordered. Were Quinn's Cookies tasty and effective enough to have repeat customers? YES! They were! 

What makes a cookie a lactation cookie? A Lactation cookie contains galactagogues, iron, protein, B vitamins, chromium, selenium and various other trace minerals that helps promote and maintain milk production. Not only does it promote milk supply, it is believed to help with fatigue and depression. You are welcome to check out our cookies at We are a family owned business that takes such pride in what we do! We are passionate about helping mothers all around the world increase their production! We have many customers that are lactating multiples and have seen the results. I'm just happy I can help them achieve it! 

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About the Author


Scott and Ken Coronet are the owners and operators of Quinns Cookies. Quinn Coronet is their inspiration for the business. Scott was a contestant of Master Chef Season 5 and focused his passion for cooking towards making a lactation cookie so good that dads will want to eat them!