Why Twiniversity Is The Only Twin Class You'll Ever Need

Why Twiniversity Is The Only Twin Class You'll Ever Need

Being the nosy person that I am, I decided to barge in on a Twiniversity class in New York City. Why, you ask? The customer service line at Stuff 4 Multiples gets asked all of the time if this class is worth it; and to be quiet honest I didn’t have a clue. Even though we share Twiniversity content all of the time, I didn't want to lie and say that their class was great if it wasn’t.

I attended the class in NYC, which were held at La Mela, in Little Italy. When I walked in and announced myself, the founder, Natalie Diaz didn’t even flinch. She told me to make myself comfortable and enjoy. The class was full of expecting couples who seemed eager to hear what Nat had to say. Many of them seemed like they had known her for years. I later found out that was because she actually took the time to connect with all of them before the class. She knows exactly what stage in your pregnancy you’re in, what your worries are and even where you traveled from before the class. Who does that any more?

The class (which is a two parter) left me enthralled. Let’s be clear here-my twins are now seven years old. I have two singletons (now 21 and 11 years old), and when I was expecting my twins I would’ve never thought to take a class to prepare my husband and I. Boy was I wrong. During the first session of the class, Natalie Diaz explains what’s normal and what’s not during a twin pregnancy. Her class is conducted in a way that makes you feel like you’re talking to a cousin that’s been around the block several times. You just automatically trust, sit still and listen. She talks about the birthing process and your options (yes, apparently YOU have options). She lets you know that you can actually ask for certain items and services at the hospital. She discusses everything from the NICU to going home after a c-section so that there are no surprises.

She also discusses what items you should get to prepare for your twins. You can tell by the tone of the class and the way she conducts them that she’s not here to recommend the latest products (which are often pricy and unnecessary), but she does inform about the tried and trusted ones. I liked the fact that she gave several recommendations; because let’s face it, not everyone can afford the $1500.00 double stroller they see waltzing down 5th Avenue. You can almost feel a sigh of relief from some parents as she spoke about why you should get some things, and why you should skip on others. She solidifies her opinions by letting you know that she often takes polls of other parents of twins. Her opinions are backed up not only by years of experience, but by numbers as well. She also goes over breastfeeding and bottle feeding at length and how if you never changed a diaper (like many of her students) she goes over it step by step. Natalie also goes over the different types of sleep training methods and how to figure out if any are right for you and your family.

I’m a bit of a foodie, so I can’t write a review without telling you that this class serves amazing Italian food. Can’t eat gluten? Well, tough luck…NOT. Natalie makes sure that everyone is fed, if not stuffed by the end of the class. Don’t even get me started on the cannoli!

After the first class, I was a little taken aback. I had read Natalie’s book and thought that the class would skim through the content. I was wrong yet again. This woman is the real deal. she tells you her story and doesn't sugar coat it. I took notes as if I was the one having twins; and to be quite honest, I couldn't wait to take the second class. I was very curious what she would discuss in part 2. I mean come on, how much can be told about having twins?

I didn't surprise Natalie Diaz when I waltzed in to her second class, either. It was almost as if she expected it. Nonetheless I took my seat and listened.

For the record, the topics of the second class included:

  • Finances (this part was given by Dan and Rob from Strategies For Wealth)
  • Mistakes new parents of twins make (Yeah, I made a couple-sigh)
  • Discounts-some of which I had no idea were even available on necessities.
  • Diapers: Cloth vs. Disposable, How many you should have, etc.
  • Tips on keeping your marriage alive- trust me, a hard thing to do when you’re juggling two.
  • Keeping your sanity if you're staying home with your twins.
  • Different types of services that you can hire to assist you with the twins (Example: night nurse vs day nurse).
  • Daily care and preparation.
  • How to swaddle and change a diaper-in a safe manner.
  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding tips.
  • And much, much more.

Is the class worth it? Without a doubt. Every single attendee left with a goodie bag full of samples they will actually use. They also left with peace of mind, knowing that they had taken the best twin preparedness class in NYC,and Natalie’s personal cellphone number in case they still had questions that needed to be answered.

Twiniversity's classes are also available online for those of you that do not live in the NYC area. If you happen to attend one of her NYC classes, please say hello to the waiter named Puma, and tell him I said thank you again for the extra piece of Tartufo.