Duo Twin Pool Float

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  The Duo Twin Float is the Float Designed for Two! 

 The Stuff 4 Multiples Duo Twin Float is the first and only float for two small children. This is a one of a kind float that makes floating in the pool with two kids a breeze. No more holding two floats together!


About the Float

The top of the float is clear plastic and has delightful sea creatures around it!  The bottom of the float is a solid blue color decorated with lots of different sized bubbles. 


Recommended Weight & Age

Max weight is 30 lbs per seat. The float is designed for children 6 months to 36 months old. It is advisable that your child be able to sit up on his/her own before putting them in this float.


Special Precautions

The safety of our children is an absolute must! Please read and follow all warning label instructions. Two adult swimmers should be present at all times when the float is in use with two kids. Kids who are teething may try to bite the float and puncture the float so special care should be taken with children who are teething.



1 Review

Elisabeth Jun 23rd 2017

Duo pool float

These are so cute and just right for my twin granddaughters!

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