First Friend, Best Friend Book by Leslie Rohrbacker

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Imagine having a friend before you are even born! Meet two little boys - twins, brothers and best friends - who experience everything for the first time together. They learn how to walk, talk, play and share. Born one minute apart, they are each other's first friend, and soon become each other's best friend. This is their story, told by the older twin, from their days in their mother's tummy listening to her voice, to their early birth, to their first day of school, and all the silly adventures in between! Theirs is a sweet relationship and a special journey that will warm your heart, and remind you of the miracle and joy of young life, brotherly love and the very special bond between twins. 

About the author- 

Leslie Rohrbacker lives in Northern New Jersey with her husband and twin sons. She has enjoyed a successful career as a lawyer and executive, and is also a published blogger. The birth of her twin boys in 2007, and the wonder of watching their journey through birth and early childhood, inspired her to write her first book, First Friend, Best Friend.
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